Brand Origin: German

Siemens Home Appliances – The brand for exciting new opportunities. With excellent technology and outstanding innovations Siemens provides answers to the social, economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century. The company and the brand so embody the timeless vision of company founder Werner von Siemens: Progress in the service of man. This attitude makes Siemens home appliances the number one on the German home appliances market and a leading home appliance brand in the world.

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西門子(Siemens)為德國響譽盛名的家電品牌。品牌的卓越科研成就源自其創意、完美和精確度,都是具有超過165年歷史的西門子品牌價值。西門子遵循並彰顯創辦人維爾納•馮•西門子 (Werner von Siemens) 的理念:「為生民立命」。西門子專注研發嵌入式及獨立式的家電,為人們提供一系列的爐具、洗衣機、乾衣機、冷藏櫃、雪櫃、洗碗碟機和小型家電產品。西門子不斷應用新科技,是行業中少數極重視家電環保節能的品牌。西門子家電的嶄新技術令人雀躍。


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