Brand Origin: United States
Through the years Sub-Zero has expanded its design leadership with integrated refrigeration that blends in seamlessly with the décor. No longer does any kitchen have to suffer the dubious aesthetic of a freestanding refrigerator. Your kitchen can have the same inviting custom look as the rest of your home.

Wolf cooking equipment is highly specialized, putting precise control in the hands of consumers via easy-to-use technology. Refined through more than eight decades in commercial kitchens, Wolf products are the ideal kitchen companions to Sub-Zero, created in the same spirit of quality and innovation.

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20世紀最具影響力的紐約古根漢美術館設計師Frank Lloyd Wright厭倦市售一般冰箱毫無質感的設計,於是委託Sub-Zero創始人Westye Bakke設計一款能完全嵌入櫥櫃,維持整體視覺規劃,同時兼顧強大穩定的冷藏功能。至此五十年來,Sub-Zero始終堅持專精於嵌入式冰箱的研發。也因為這毫不妥協的承諾,讓Sub-Zero穩執冰箱界牛耳地位,屹立不搖。

1999年Wolf加入集團,並正式開啟全球外銷市場,在費雪堡工業區(Fitchburg, Wisconsin)購買62英畝(約7萬6千坪)的土地,設立佔地350,000呎(約3萬3千坪)的三代廠房與研發教育中心,生產包括Sub-Zero系列與Wolf全系列產品。

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