Brand Origin: Germany

In 1953, Horst Müller registered the company Koinor. Inspiration for the naming is the famous Koh-i-noor diamond. After more than 60 years, we look back on to the beginnings and the progress of the company – from a single upholsterer to one of the most important upholstered furniture manufacturers in Europe. Perhaps it is because Koinor believes in comfort to be even more important? In any case, Koinor sees genuine value in producing upholstered furniture that you can sit really well on. It should be a joy: to truly relax, to sit back, to snuggle in and to feel completely at home. The loyal staffs in Germany have been working with us for three generations. They work with passion and expertise to produce branded upholstered furniture for all those who truly value a good chair.

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德國手工梳化品牌 Koinor 創辦於 1953 年,至今已經超過 60 年, KOH-I-NOOR 是一顆鑽石的印度名字,意思是 Mountain of Light (光芒)。品牌精神「Sofa for Friends」就是製作一套如同鑽石般永恆堅固的梳化,許多獨創技術據說是內部代代相傳。 Koinor 梳化既然以鑽石為名,更自傲100% 德式工藝品質;德國總工廠共有480 名工匠,每套梳化都聚集30 位研發人員的合作,從上百張的設計圖中挑選、通過測試後脫穎而出,內部規定凡是Koinor 研發的五金設備,只能專屬於品牌商品使用,製造過程會根據力學原理,使用手工調整皮革的色澤、質地、觸感,讓梳化適應人體,達到最舒適的程度,出廠前並經過德國質量檢測,強調梳化選材對人體的無害度,搭配優良售後服務,即使若干年後,想要更換皮革顏色,原廠仍保留詳細訂購資料。



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