Brand Origin: Italy

Minotti was founded by Alberto Minotti in the 1950s. The key to the Minotti identity lies in its ability to express the Made in Italy concept to perfection, melding tradition and technology in an indissoluble way: artisan expertise puts the finishing touches to a product that is made using cutting-edge production methods, while intelligent hands lend sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision. Added to this high-level know-how is the careful selection of materials and technologies, which reveal a penchant for impeccable details, in an ideal striving for excellence that involves all sectors of the company. Recognizable features of the trademark Minotti style and products are a timeless design, unparalleled comfort, reliability and the ability to stand the test of time.

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Minotti源于Alberto Minotti的構想,誕生於五十年代。起初的手工作坊規模很快就發生改變,從六十年代起,公司朝工業化方向發展。 Minotti的關鍵特質在於全方位地詮釋“意大利製造”的概念,如今,傳統和科技完美融合在這一理念中:匠人的技藝讓現代機械化生產的產品倍顯精緻,靈巧的雙手為工業化的精密特性注入一絲細膩與情感。除了擁有高水平的技術和技能以外,公司還運用精益求精的材質和技術解決方案,以此來展現無可挑剔的細節之美,公司的所有部門都秉承對卓越品質的不懈追求。 Minotti所有產品和風格的特點在於不隨時間流逝的設計感、無以倫比的舒適性、可靠性和使用壽命。



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