Brand Origin: Italy

The Molteni group is one of Italy’s leading industrial groups in the furnishing sector. Angelo Molteni, born 1912, set up his own business in Giussano, today in the province of Monza e Brianza, a furniture district. His artisan workshop soon became a byword for top-quality products. Molteni furniture incorporates the expertise of a long craft tradition plus innovatory technological quality, which facilitates the life of the user but is in no way ostentatious. When talking about Molteni, people also speak of hidden quality, alluding to the technical, functional and material quality present but often unseen in its furniture. Molteni quality is well known in Italy where the group is based, but also internationally, because the company exports to the leading world markets. Molteni is also active in major contracts such as hotels, museums, ships, shop chains, hospitals and theatres. Recent examples include furnishings for the Walt Disney cruise ships built by Fincantieri and the Cartier chain of boutiques all over the world.

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Molteni&C是意大利著名的家具公司,向來結合最新的技術與傳統的手工來製作家具,直到七十年代與Luca Meda的合作,發展出獨特概念的組合式家具撼動了整個產業,至今受到這個概念影響的家具品項不計其數,而Molteni&C也被視為在這一領域中的佼佼者。Molteni&C從使用原料的品質確認開始,一步步到製作出優雅舒適的家具,他們留心所有看得見和看不見的細節,無論是單件家具還是系統化家具,無論是梳化還是扶手椅客戶都擁有豐富的選擇和毫無疑慮的品質.近年 Molteni&C 積極開發大型設計專案,如博物館、精品店、飯店、遊輪、劇場等整體規劃,著名案例如由Fincantieri所打造的迪士尼遊輪、Cartier 位於巴黎旗艦店、威尼斯 La Fenice 歌劇等之室內設計。


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