Brand Origin: Italy

Pasquale Natuzzi opens his first workshop in Puglia in 1959. Today, Natuzzi is one of the best-known names in the global furniture industry. Authentic quality and a strong commitment to research, social responsibility and environmental sustainability are the corporate values that Natuzzi has adhered to throughout its history. Each product undergoes countless tests to assess its resistance to load, stability, wear, friction, impact and light fastness. This is the only way to make sure the customers always have the best possible experience, even after many years. Natuzzi’s history is an ongoing Research & Development process. Over the year, it has produced successful products that have changed the world of interior decoration forever, including colored leather sofas in the 1980s, recliner mechanisms in the 1990s, next-generation motion sofas in the new millennium, and most recently the Re-vive recliner.

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起源於意大利南部Puglia地區一間小型的手工作坊,經過約60年的歷練,NATUZZI已成為全球家具市場裡十分具影響力的品牌之一。每件產品都經過多道檢測,檢查其耐壓性、穩定性、耐用性、耐磨性、耐撞擊性和耐光性。只有通過這些嚴格的檢測,才能確保產品長期為客戶提供理想的使用體驗。研發是 NATUZZI發展歷程中的重要組成部分。 多年來,為世界提供了大量富有影響力的產品。比如 20 世紀 80 年代的彩色皮梳化,20 世紀 90 年代的躺椅技術,在21世紀推出的電動梳化,以及最新的Re-vive躺椅,都為行業帶來了重大變革。



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