Brand Origin: Italy

Internationally renowned furniture brand Poliform is famous for its elegant Italian contemporary design. Still a family run business the brand is based in Brianza, north of Milan, it now has over 40 showrooms worldwide. Each Poliform design is a response to functional requirements. Poliform’s skill lays in its ability to quality workmanship with design and creativity, and collaborating with some of the most prestigious Italian and international designers. Poliform products are the highest quality from both an aesthetic and functional point of view, manufactured to guarantee long-lasting reliability. Buying a Poliform product is an investment in more ways than one. The collection is typically rigorous with a classic style. It is not the result of passing fads, but has an aesthetic quality that will guarantee that each piece remains stylish.

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Poliform意大利高端家具品牌創立於1942年,是典型的意大利家居企業,國際家具行業裡的領航者。它追求自己的設計風格,簡約而莊重,前衛且經典,一直保持著對現代風尚生活的敏銳觸角。現代化、量化的生產模式讓它在現代生產中脫穎而出。 Poliform的成功源自於:一直保持著對現代生活方式風尚的敏銳觸角;一直秉持著對品質的不懈追求。在現代意大利家居中,家具已經超出了其單純的實用性功能。在設計風格上,Poliform始終堅信只有簡約、實用才是完美的、永恆的。 Poliform之所以成為世界頂級的家具,與它嚴謹的做工是分不開的,對於細節處的用心處理,決定了家具優秀的品質,使用幾十年都能完好無損。 poliform與眾多國際著名設計師的合作,將一種常人以前無法擁有的高貴帶進了你的生活。


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