Brand Origin: Germany

Since 1964, the German firm Rolf Benz has been producing the most desirable sofas since humans discovered the sheer physical pleasure of sitting back and relaxing but not quite lying down. Rolf Benz has been enticing people to dream, to dose, to relax, put their feet up, stretch out, collect their thoughts, relax, chill out, ruminate, snuggle, take time out, order their thoughts, or simply take a nap… In terms of quality, you can put your faith in that when you see a product with the “Made in Germany” label. It stands much more for the conduct of a company that deliberately still provides “German workmanship”. And to those whom this term is currently not trendy enough – well, it can easily be substituted with “high-class workmanship”. It is this that makes the name Rolf Benz synonymous with comfortable sitting, perfect innovative design and superb hand-crafted quality.

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ROLF BENZ是當今世界上著名的家具品牌之一,在歐洲的知名度非常高。ROLF BENZ是以創辦人的名字命名。 Rolf Bens 原本是一個室內設計師,後來在德國買了一間工廠,開始為當地的家俱生產商提供木作架構;由於不想只是代工,於是5年後,Rolf Bens 開始以BMP 品牌推出系列家具,開始了ROLF BENZ 的傳奇故事。 1972 年BMP 正式更名為ROLF BENZ,經過40 年的發展,現在ROLF BENZ 已經是德國最大的梳化製造商,也是世界著名的頂級梳化品牌之一。 ROLF BENZ 之所以能在市場上屹立不搖、廣受全球消費者青睞,其原因便是其以德國人踏實嚴謹的設計態度,堅持它的品牌精神:經典的設計、無與倫比的舒適感受以及優異的品質。

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