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Our guide to which high-end sanitary product brand is perfect for your bathroom

In the world of luxury bathroom products, two brands stand above the rest – Axor and Dornbracht. Both brands have raised the bar in sanitary product innovation and comfort and have bought to the table a higher quality of living and design. With such high levels of luxury, it can be difficult to decide between which brand is best for you, so we’ve put together a rundown of both brands to help you better understand which is the better fit for you and your home.


Dornbracht features classic yet innovative designs, providing cutting edge technology and premium, hand-made fittings. Each piece is crafted with a close attention to detail, and uses high quality metals – resulting in heavier and sturdier fittings. The family-run business is known for their unique meld of both tradition and innovation, with a goal to bring the luxury spa experience into your own bathroom. Dornbracht’s signature water spout design means no excess splashing in your sinks, which keeps yourself and the counter dry.

Dornbracht is most well-known for their Tara.Logic series. The classic and minimalist design provides a sense of symmetry to your bathroom, and plays with energetic curves, meant to provide a sense of power and energy to your bathroom routine. The design features streamlined water spouts and high-water pressure, meant to invigorate and motivate.

Dornbracht Tara.Logic Series
Our rating: 9/10

The Lissé series contrasts the idea of high energy in the bathroom. Instead, the design is meant to soothe and relax, and plays with simple yet inviting designs, focusing on contours and smooth and flowing edges. A flat spout and angled lever provide easy to use controls to make your bathroom experience as relaxing as possible.

Dornbracht Lissé Series
Our rating: 7.5/10

The IMO series is the sweet middle ground between the Tara.Logic and Lisse series. Imo series focuses on versatility and creates a modern hybrid of both relaxation and energy. The round body with angled lever and spout allows the rest of the bathroom to do all the talking, and sets a modern twist on the classic bathroom design.

Dornbracht IMO Series
Our rating: 8/10


Axor focuses on individuality and personality in their designs. The focus on creating timeless and innovative products, with more interesting design choices to liven up your bathroom. Everything down to the final colour finish can be personalized by the customer, to ensure each product in your bathroom looks great. Axor’s mission statement “Form Follows Perfection” is followed to a T in their products, with revolutionary and innovative designs, and countless selection of high quality products. Axor is well known for their vortex water spout design shown in their Starck V series, highlighting the natural power of water through their crystal glass spout design. This unique water experience sets Axor apart from other brands, in their strive to create new and beautiful bathroom experiences.

Axor Starck is a revolutionary product that set new levels of quality and design in bathroom design. Inspired by traditional water spouts, the minimalist design the Axor Starck series focuses on organic and simple shapes, providing a high-end look to your bathroom. The unique series provides a sense of minimalism without being boring. Starck Organic brings this natural edge into the classic faucet design, while Starck V features a glass faucet and spout and shows off Axor’s distinctive vortex water spout.

Axor Starck Series
Our rating: 9.5/10

Axor Massaud brings a touch of the outside world inside to your bathroom. The waterfall spout design creates a sense of tranquility in your bathroom, being unobtrusive but still elegant. The simple design is minimalist yet complex, and creates a new direction in relaxation in your bathroom.

Axor Massaud Series
Our rating: 8/10

In comparison, Axor Uno is meant to blend in with your bathroom, creating luxury through unobtrusive design. The ultra minimalist spout and faucet is controlled by a touch-sensitive button – no handles or levers. The design is based on purity and simplicity, and creates an minimal and versatile edge to your bathroom.

Axor Uno Series
Our rating: 7.5/10

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