Gaggenau AC200161 Canopy Extractor

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EuroHomeDirect offers the Gaggenau AC200161 Canopy Extractor directly from Europe. We only sell brand new and genuine products pre-packaged by the manufacturer with original warranty.

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Buying the Gaggenau AC200161 Canopy Extractor in Hong Kong, Singapore and Worldwide

EuroHomeDirect sells the Gaggenau AC200161 Canopy Extractor to Hong Kong, Singapore and Worldwide with free shipping for orders over HKD $15,000 / SGD $2,600. We only ship with the most reputable courier partners – DHL and DB Schenker. Your order will arrive safely on time when you purchase from us.

How can we offer the Gaggenau AC200161 Canopy Extractor at such a great discount in Hong Kong, Singapore and Worldwide?

We offer the Gaggenau AC200161 Canopy Extractor for a greatly reduced price compared to the local price in Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries because we are offering it directly from Europe with wholesale price. We are able to supply top European appliances at the lowest prices to local consumers because no distributors or dealers are involved in the process.

Gaggenau AC200161 Canopy Extractor Compatibility & Warranty

All Gaggenau sold by us are compatible with Hong Kong & Singaporean standards without any modification. Our electric appliances are manufactured to operate under 220-240V with UK style power plug (type G). For all other markets with different standards, you may need to use a voltage converter and/or an adapter. All Gaggenau appliances sold come with 1-year warranty by the original manufacturer. You can read more about Compatibility and Warranty in our FAQs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about the Gaggenau AC200161 Canopy Extractor or other appliances.

You can also find more information about the Gaggenau AC200161 Canopy Extractor on the Gaggenau website by clicking here.

Additional information



Lead Time

3-5 Weeks


Can be integrated invisibly in upper cabinet
Energy-saving, low-noise fan
Rim extraction with flat and easy-to-clean glass cover
Dimmable, neutral white LED light for ideal illumination of the whole cooktop
Air extraction or recirculation system


Patented air recirculation module with activated charcoal filter can be installed in the upper cabinet. The activated carbon filter can be changed from the front by simply pulling out the filter drawer.
The door of the upper cabinet must be fully open in order to change the activated charcoal filter.
Can be integrated invisibly in upper cabinet.
Vario cooktops with intensive production of vapours like VR/VP/VF should be placed in the middle beneath the cooker hood (in this case air recirculation is not recommended).
Clearance above gas appliances min. 65 cm (more than total load gas 12 kW min. 70 cm).
Clearance above electric appliances min. 50 cm.
When installing a ventilation hood with air extraction mode and a chimney-vented fireplace, the hood??s power supply line needs to feature a suitable safety switch.


Total connected load 172 W.
Connecting cable 1.0 m with plug.


Three electronically controlled power levels and an intensive mode.
Remote control is available as a special accessory.
Interval ventilation, 6 min.
Run-on function, 6 min.
Grease filter saturation indicator.
Metal grease filter, dishwasher-safe.
Glas filter cover.
Neutral white LED light (4000 K), dimmable.
Lamp output 2 x LED spot 1W.
Illuminance: 244 lx
Fan technology with highly efficient, brushless DC motor.

Product Rating

Energy efficiency class A++ at a range of energy efficiency classes from A++ to E.
Energy consumption xxx.
Ventilation efficiency class A.
Ilumination efficiency class A.
Grease filter efficiency class D.
Sound level min. 44 dB / max. 64 dB normal mode.

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