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Buying Natuzzi Sofas in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and Worldwide

In order for us to supply you with a quote, please let us know what configurations (ie. size + material) you are interested in. Please understand that without this information it is not possible to quote a price due to the vast possibility of variations. We are approximately 30-40% cheaper than local retail prices.Designed by Studio Memo, Agorà is characterized by harmony of contrasts and aesthetic balance. A contemporary sofa featuring a prevalence of horizontal lines, with a focus on function: new, harmonious and light. Also ideal in large rooms, to create your own Agorà of design and relaxation.

The Agorà sofa design combines a solid base and a variety of compositional elements, stylish details and soft, comfortable cushions.


Agora is available in in-line or corner configuration versions, with or without chaise-longue, to meet any space-related need.

Agorà was designed by:

L’originale espressività dell’architetto Maurizio Manzoni e la notevole esperienza del professor Roberto Tapinassi hanno dato vita nel 2001 a un connubio professionale tra i più significativi d’Italia.

Fin dall’inizio, i due designer hanno condiviso una visione comune del vivere contemporaneo, sviluppando soluzioni innovative in linea con una tradizione italiana votata all’avanguardia e alla ricerca.

How to order the Natuzzi Agorà

To purchase the Natuzzi Logos please contact us to discuss your desired material and colour choices. We offer free delivery to Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries if your order value is above 20.000 HKD or 3.500 SGD.
EuroHomeDirect offers the Natuzzi Logos directly from the manufacturer. We only sell brand new and genuine products pre-packaged by the manufacturer with original warranty.


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