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How to Buy Rolf Benz Furniture in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and Worldwide

In order for us to supply you with a quote, please let us know what configurations (ie. size + material) you are interested in. Please understand that without this information it is not possible to quote a price due to the vast possibility of variations. We are approximately 30-40% cheaper than local retail prices.

Product Description:

Rolf Benz AGIO impresses with its sophisticated functions and modern design: carefully crafted and versatile upholstery is the hallmark of this piece of furniture that not only looks good as a twin-seater sofa, a two-part sectional sofa or as an individual long chair, but it also feels fantastic. With its slender, high feet and a graceful frame surrounding it, Rolf Benz AGIO appears to float. The quilted seats and backrests, despite their cushiony look, seem almost weightless and give the sofa its elegant appearance. Another stylish aspect is that, in addition to 2 seat heights and numerous cover options, the frame and feet are available in silver textured paint, black, umbra grey and polished chrome. The sofa therefore satisfies all of your personal requirements and wishes and offers plenty of scope for personalisation.


We all like to sit, lie down and relax differently and in our own way. So Rolf Benz AGIO was designed with maximum flexibility in mind: depending on whether you want to just lean back relaxed or lie comfortably flat, the side sections can be folded up or outwards. The back can be adjusted to a position to relax in, and even the headrest is flexible. If the seat is pushed forwards with the side section folded down, you can also put your feet up comfortably. The functions can be adjusted differently for each seat, ensuring that everyone can find and enjoy their own favourite position. Matching cushions ensure even greater comfort.

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