Brand Origin: Germany

Alape has been synonymous with quality solutions in the sanitary area since 1896. Such classics as the sink basin, the world’s first built-in basin and the first bathroom cabinet-washable combination were invented by this tradition-steeped company. In this way, Alape also had a decisive influence on the development of the bathroom.
With Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG and Alape GmbH, the Dornbracht Group unites two premium suppliers for kitchen, bathroom and spa items under one roof.

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1896年,ALAPE 成立於德國,100多年的發展奠定了這位百年衛企的實力與經驗。在競爭力極強的德國衛浴屆,ALAPE 的現代設計和質量解決方案一直獨樹一幟,獨特的抑菌功能,鋼板陶瓷工藝盡顯德國工業水準。ALAPE 利用特殊塗層方法-讓產品質量提升,較其它材質產品更加經久耐用。產品表面陶瓷超凡的光滑度是單純陶瓷製品無法達到的。如果表面受嚴重衝擊,鋼板陶瓷只是稍微的損傷且可修補,對整體並無影響。此種混合材質更加環保及耐用。



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