Brand Origin: Italy

It was 1934 when Piero Boffi founded his company. Since then a lot has changed: social conventions, lifestyles and aesthetic sensibility, however in over 80 years Boffi and its activity could express the changes in taste and technologies, making it always synonymous with innovation and design worldwide.

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當今室內設計領域中,波菲 (Boffi)在廚房、衛浴界是卓越和創新的代名詞。在產品創新、溝通策略和店內理念上皆為國際行業市場領導者。波菲是唯一榮獲Compasso d’Oro ADI 終生成就獎工業設計獎的廚具製造商。將最先進的現代生產工藝與傳統手工工藝完美結合,波菲的一貫理念:精密的手工與細節的重視;利用和發展手工亮漆等技術,提高產品的質量和外觀;同時建立與同領域其它傑出公司的合作。波菲 (Boffi)因此可開發出最好的技術方案,提供最精美優質的系列產品。


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