Brand Origin: Germany

Duravit brings you a taste of the amazing award winning bathroom design. Since the start of the creative journey, Duravit has always been rooted in a ‘tradition of innovation’ and continues to demonstrate its eagerness to charter new territory with its innovative technology, extraordinary design and the development of new products. The Duravit collections are extensive and offer endless variations. The brand is notable for having employed prominent designers such as Philippe Starck, sieger design, EOOS, Phoenix Design, Frank Huster, Christian Werner and Matteo Thun for its product lines.

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杜拉維特 (Duravit) 成立於 1817 年,至今已有190多年歷史。杜拉維特的產品因其精湛的技術和本身的獨特工藝賦予其傳奇般高貴品質,並創造時尚的潮流,而成為世界頂級衛浴產品。作為德國頂級衛浴品牌,杜拉維特致力於不斷創新,大膽的設計幾乎成了杜拉維特品牌的標記,許多創新設計已獲無數國際獎項.今天,杜拉維特全球擁有 8 個生產基地以及 5,400 名多員工,銷售遍及超過 115 個國家,杜拉維特努力地把「高尚衛浴享受」的理念傳遞到世界每一個角落。


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