Brand Origin: Germany

Emco Bath is a manufacturer of high-quality and exclusive bathroom equipment and accessories in the premium segment, with a focus on functionality and exclusive design. The product range includes accessories, mirrored cabinets, functional modules, illuminated and cosmetic mirrors, as well as washstands and wash unit solutions.

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德國EMCO集團於西元1945年創立,旗下包括有浴室配件、建築物設備、空調系統、辦公設備部門,其中浴室配件為德國二大浴室配件製造商之一。設計新穎的浴室配件系列,素以出色的創意及無可挑剔的品質見稱。 EMCO產品之表面處理極為可靠,並經實驗室證明在工業界抗UV光、防鏽及防腐蝕是最佳的.因無可挑剔的品質,使EMCO的製造工廠榮獲ISO9001國際品質證書認可. 除了維持既有產品的品質水準外,EMCO更持續承諾將不斷發展新科技、 新設計來使產品更舒適、耐久及更安全。 EMCO的產品優勢可由全球多家五星級飯店指定採用其配件得到見證。


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