Brand Origin: Switzerland

Geberit has a long tradition of quality, reliability and innovation. Since its beginnings in 1874, the company has helped to shape industry developments. Know-How Installed encapsulates the company’s philosophy: you can always rely on Geberit solutions.
Through its acquisition of a range of long-standing ceramic brands, Geberit now has a new look: the reliable technology behind the wall is united with perfectly designed bathroom equipment. With Design Meets Function, Geberit enables end users to experience this new world for themselves and is constantly demonstrating new possibilities for bathroom design.

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吉博力集團( GEBERIT),是歐洲衛浴科技的市場領導者,業務遍布全球。自1874年成立至今,公司始終扮演著業內先驅的角色,以全面的系統解決方案,持續地開創和引領著行業的新潮流。吉博力的產品廣泛適用於各類新建和翻新改建項目,涵蓋兩大領域的7條產品線,包括衛浴系統(隱蔽式安裝系統、進/排水水件、公共電子感應系統、存水彎和地漏),以及管道系統(虹吸式屋面雨水排放系統、建築污廢排水系統、給水系統)。吉博力品牌的產品素以創新、耐久和環保著稱,致力於為眾多用戶提供高品質衛浴解決方案。


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