Brand Origin: Denmark

VOLA taps and accessories have been produced in Denmark for more than 45 years. The traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship and the most modern engineering technology ensure the highest standard of precision and quality finishing. The production line is based on the LEAN principles, where each tap is built to order.

The VOLA staff is empowered to improve the production process and is organized into teams to secure knowledge-sharing and agile and flexible collaboration. By favouring one-off production over mass production we produce accurate bends and perfectly polished metal. Before packing, each tap is individually tested by hand.

Arne Jacobsen designed the very first VOLA taps for the National Bank of Denmark in 1968. His breakthrough as an architect came in 1929 with the winning design for the contest on the House of the Future which was really the introduction of modern architecture on Danish ground.

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VOLA水龍頭和配件已在丹麥生產超過45年。 傳統的斯堪的納維亞工藝和最現代的工程技術確保了最高標準的精度和質量精加工。 生產線基於精益原則,每個水龍頭都是按照訂單生產的。

VOLA成立於1873年,是一個完善的丹麥公司,擁有並經營VOLA的Overgaard家族。 在1961年贏得了創意想法的競賽,後不久設計了壁掛式水龍頭。他想像中的混合器,將所有機械各部的零件設計,予以隱藏,只留下的把手和出口處。在當時,一個全新且獨創的概念誕生,設計師Jacobsen意識到,這種想法與他的功能的設計方法相結合,將可以被開發及發展。於是,在這樣的基本原則下,創新的構思:簡單和簡潔,被VOLA所設計,成就我們今天所見的產品概念。


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